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Gozdno gospodarstvo Slovenj Gradec

Our story begins in the forest. Forests are one of Carinthia’s developmental opportunities, namely in the field of forests, wood industry and consequently also tourism. These activities could have strategic and sustainable nature in the Slovenian society and could result in employment opportunities.

Gozdno gospodarstvo Slovenj Gradec is a public limited company with registered office in Slovenj Gradec. The basic activity of the company is harvesting and marketing of wood from national and private forests. The company concluded a long-term concession contract with the Farmland and Forest Fund of the Republic of Slovenia for carrying out works in national forests in the entire Carinthia area, namely in all twelve Carinthia municipalities.

Gozdno gospodarstvo Slovenj Gradec carries out tree felling and wood skidding works in the Carinthia forests and all sivicultural and forest care works. It also designs forest routes and construction of forest sledges and reconstruction of old sledges. In terms of tree felling and wood skidding it is the company's goal to steadily increase mechanical tree felling with process technology on terrains that enable this. In addition to safe work in the forest and optimum cutting of wood, such technology also enables lesser damage to the forest ground and more intense exploitation of biomass.

It is the main goal of the company that the majority of the wood from the Carinthia forests is processed in Slovenia as this would create conditions for further existence and development of the wood industry. The forestry activity of the company is indirectly, in terms of process and marketing, connected with the primary processing of wood carried out in sawmills. This is also the most profitable activity of the company. Modern equipment for timber preparation and processing, the latest sawing equipment and appropriate storage area are located at Otiški Vrh pri Dravogradu.

The company aims to supply the market with construction and sawn wood for construction purposes. With this product the company can compete with well organized European giants. The company does not aim for mass production but rather concentrates on quality processing of wood in special dimensions and smaller batches.

The field of retail activity is represented mainly in selling of own wooden products and wooden products of other manufacturers as well as tools and equipment for work in the forest. We recently launched the Lesoteka trademark. The trademark does not only represent the company’s four retail units (Slovenj Gradec, Radlje ob Dravi, Ptuj, Levec), but also offers a comprehensive approach to popularization of use and positioning of Slovenian wood in our living environment.

The final products of the GG Slovenj Gradec group are wooden buildings for living and infrastructural purposes. We began to conduct business together with Smreka Gornji Grad and we are now continuing it through Lesoteka hiše. We offer solid wood products in accordance with the MHM and KLH systems as well as classic log cabins.

Company’s identity card

Company name: Gozdno gospodarstvo Slovenj Gradec, d. d.
Abbreviated company name: GG Slovenj Gradec, d. d.
Registered office: Vorančev trg 1, 2380 Slovenj Gradec
Telephone: +386 (0)2 88 39 480
Fax: +386 (0)2 88 42 684
Audit company: ABC revizija, d. o. o.,

Registration number: 5292174
ID for VAT: SI90431383
Bank account:

  • 02470-0016227739 opened at NLB, d. d.
  • 25100-9708030109 opened at PROBANKA, d. d.
  • 33000-0000020749 opened at HYPO ALPE-ADRIA-BANK, d. d.

Code of the activity: 02.010 Forestry and forestry services.

Basic activities: forestry, wood processing, purchase of wood, wholesale and retail sale. 
No. of entry into the court register: 1/00990/00 at the District court of Slovenj Gradec, Decision Srg 97/00487
Share capital of the company: 998.760,64 EUR
Management board: Silvo PRITRŽNIK, Bachelor of Forestry, Director
Supervisory board:

  • Rado KRPAČ, Chairman
  • Rudolf RAJZER, Vice-Chairman
  • Viktor ZAKRAJŠEK, member


General Manager at Gozdno gospodarstvo
Slovenj Gradec, d. d.
Silvo Pritržnik,
univ. dipl. inž. gozd
Telephone:+ 386 (0)2 88 39 491